Book a taxi vehicle compliance appointment

Appointment time limit

Once you choose a day and time to book for your appointment, this appointment will be reserved for 30 minutes for you to complete your booking. If you fail to complete your booking within 30 minutes, your session will be reset and you will have restart the booking process.

Before starting

Before you start the application, please make sure you have the following ready:

We accept the following electronic formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Word.


Type of licence Fee
New Vehicle - Under 3 years old £282.00
New Vehicle - Over 3 years old £189.00
Renewal of Plate - Under 3 years old £265.00
Renewal of plate - Over 3 years old £178.00
Cancellation Fee £49.00

Cancellations and amendments

Bookings can be amended or cancelled for no charge when giving more than 24 hours notice. Any bookings cancelled or amended within 24 hours will incur a £49.00 charge.

If you wish to rebook your appointment, please contact the Licensing Office via email at or via phone on 0161 342 4262.

If you wish to rebook an appointment after cancelling within 24 hours, you can do so after cancelling using this system which will ask for the £49.00 charge. If you wish to cancel without rebooking, you will be refunded the relevant vehicle licensing cost less the £49.00 charge.

Missed appointments

If you turn up late (i.e after the start time) for you appointment, you will be turned away and you will need to pay a missed test fee of £49.00.